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Tattoo Aftercare the J. Hall & Co. Way

  1. Leave the Saniderm bandage on for 24-48 hours. Everyone heals differently. Your tattoo will weep lymph, blood, ink, and other bodily fluids, which will affect the adhesion of Saniderm. If it comes off prior to the 48 hours, just begin follow up care as directed below.

  2. When removing the bandage, there will be blood, ink, and lymph (a clear gel-like secretion) on your skin. The best way to get the bandage off is body heat & hot water. If you can get sweaty before taking the shower, that will assist in the bandage removal. Peel up a corner of the bandage & peel over and across itself, and NOT AWAY from the skin, as this could cause damage to your tattoo and surrounding skin.Wash the tattooed area in HOT water (as HOT as you can stand without hurting yourself). This will cause discomfort but will not damage the tattoo. Wash with Optiscrub using just the pads of your fingers (no nails, sponges, washcloths, or loofahs, etc.) for a MINIMUM of 30 seconds. If you are not washing for at least 30 seconds, you are not killing any germs. Optiscrub is a lotion based, anti-microbial soap that won’t dry your skin out like Dial, while killing more germs. This process removes the elements that create thick scabs and will make for proper healing of your new tattoo.

  3. Pat the tattooed area dry, wiping only the wet areas around the tattoo with a dry paper towel. DO NOT use the same towel you dried your butt with.

  4. Apply a small dab of Armor Gel for the first 3 days, after each wash, and let air dry. Armor Gel has colloidal silver, which helps reduces the risk of infection. Armor Gel is a water based gel that may inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Only apply a thin layer so that it dries quickly.

  5. Apply a small dab of Redemption ointment, just enough to cover the tattoo, and rub this in with your finger tips. It is key to only apply a thin layer of Redemption ointment. Only use what you can rub in. A thick layer is bad. More is not always better. For the first week after getting your new tattoo, apply the Redemption ointment 3 times daily. After the first week is over, apply the Redemption ointment 1-2 times per day. Redemption is an all-organic, petroleum- free ointment.

  6. For the first week after getting your new tattoo, wash with Optiscrub soap 3 times daily. After the first week is over, wash with the Optiscrub soap 1-2 times per day before applying the Redemption ointment.

  7. Keep the tattoo OUT of direct sunlight. DO NOT touch the tattoo just to touch it. Keep your clothes off of it as much as possible. Socks, bra straps, tight pants, etc. can cause discomfort and poor healing. DO NOT pick or scratch at your tattoo. DO NOT let your dog hump it or your friends pee on it. DO NOT submerge it in water including but not limited to bathtubs, pools, lakes and oceans.

  8. Follow these instructions and your tattoo will heal great!

NO sunblock, tanning, spray tans, fragrances, pools, hot tubs, rivers, lakes, streams, fjords, bodies of water of any type UNTIL YOUR TATTOO IS FULLY HEALED.

The key to keeping your tattoo looking good down the road is keeping your skin healthy. Use lotion daily, drink plenty of water and ALWAYS USE SUN BLOCK ONCE YOUR TATTOO IS HEALED. U/V light exposure does the most damage to tattoos.

Aftercare Questions:

  1. What makes this better than other aftercare? Simply put, Saniderm eliminates the tedious process that accompanies traditional aftercare and promotes the body's natural healing agents. With Saniderm there is no need for lotions, ointments or maintenance 3-5 times a day. Not only is it extremely simple and convenient, but it protects your tattoo from dirt and germs, expedites the healing process, reduces scabbing, and enhances color quality, all while overcoming the following complaints associated with other aftercare products. Lotions are vehicles for bacteria, which can cause allergic reactions, infections and scabbing. Antibacterial soap can dry out the tattoo and cause bleeding, scabbing and fading of color. Antibacterial Ointments can create allergic reactions, discoloration, and excessive fluid weeping while petroleum based products contain no healing agents and may drain color, leaving clothes and sheets stained. Saniderm eliminates all these complaints, while harnessing the body's natural healing enzymes and ensuring it heals in the most efficient manner possible.
  2. Can I shower while wearing it? Saniderm stays on skin even when immersed in water... so you're able to bath, shower and swim as normal. It is waterproof, however excessive exposure to water should be avoided because it could weaken the adhesion.
  3. Can I sunbathe with it on? Saniderm does not contain any kind of sun protection, so you should avoid prolonged sun or UV ray exposure. We do not recommend exposing your new tattoo to UV rays, ever - with or without Saniderm. Even after your tattoo is fully healed, continue to use sun protection to maintain the integrity of your tattoo colors.
  4. How many pieces should I use? We recommend using three pieces per tattoo, in order to allow ample time for healing. You first piece may be used for 1-2 days, and the next two pieces should be used 1-6 days each, depending on how much fluid the tattoo weeps. If you feel your tattoo needs more time to heal you may continue using additional pieces of Saniderm but most customers report complete healing with 2-3 pieces.
  5. How long should it stay on my tattoo? The first piece of Saniderm can be left on your new tattoo for 8 to 48 hours. Since everyone heals differently the length of time will depend on how much fluid your tattoo weeps, which will affect the adhesion of Saniderm. If you notice excessive weeping or fluid under Saniderm, replace it with a new piece. Many people choose to use the first piece of Saniderm for 1-2 days, and wear the second piece for up to 6 days.
  6. Could I have an allergic reaction? Saniderm is both latex free and hypoallergenic, so allergic reactions are very rare. Some people, however, have very sensitive skin and are allergic to adhesives. (Tape, bandages, etc). If you experience a rash, abnormal skin irritation, or other symptoms of an allergic reaction, discontinue use and wash with mild soap. Consult a physician if necessary. Of-course, Saniderm should never be used on infected skin.
Last Updated on 12/19/16