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1709 South Lamar Street
Dallas, Tx 75215
Shop (972) 863-3518
Tuesday to Thursday : 11am to 8pm
Friday / Saturday : 11am to 8pm
Sunday : 12pm to 4pm
Rose of No Mans Land
Eagle Coverup
Jawbone with Flowers
Fullback Virgin Mary Coverup
Lighthouse Coverup
Type 1 diabetic snake and staff
Drawn on traditional roses
Japanese Styled Sidepanel
Hourglass with Sinking Ship
USMC Skull
Marine Memorial
Indian Girl Arrowhead
Nevermore Raven Coverup
Cup of Christ
Full Chest Piece Coverup
Traditional Dagger and Rose
Lucky Cat
Armund Dietzel Flash
Japanese Traditional Style Phoenix
Custom Sparrows Tattoo
Calf Roses
Custom Koi
Tiger Lilies
1920's Gypsy Pinup
Sacred Heart with Swallows