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1709 South Lamar Street
Dallas, Tx 75215
Shop (972) 863-3518
Tuesday to Thursday : 11am to 8pm
Friday / Saturday : 11am to 8pm
Sunday : 12pm to 4pm

Custom Tattoo - Lord of the Rings


Josh Hall



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When I met Josh in 2009, I had never gotten a tattoo before. He put me at ease with the process, helped me get some design ideas, and then put them together into pure artristry!! Even after 4 years, the colors are still as bright as the day they were done!! I proudly wear sleveless shirts to the gym and get compliments all the time on the detailing and care that was put inot both pieces of work. I never hesitate to proudly tell them that Josh Hall, the Gentleman Tattooer & Artisan Extraordinaire, did this fine work!! You will never find a more dedicated, professional, and friendly individual to do artwork on the canvas of your skin that you will be proud to own & display for a lifetime. Go somewhere else if you want to get a 2nd rate tattoo under questionable conditions OR you can chose to go to the best, get it done right for a lifetime, and know that a true professional artist inked a canvas you will always be proud to display!!! Josh, you are a friend and a true master at your craft- I cant wait to get more work done again soon!!
Greg Potter